Create your own Serious Business Game

In 2030, the first settlers arrive on Mars. In this Serious Business Game, the participants create a new civilization in which information and industry-specific knowledge are fundamental to survival.

Make sure that your employees – individually or in teams – compete with each other to demonstrate their knowledge of different auditing topics. We can configure this Serious Business Game for you individually and adapt it to your needs. MARS as a perpetual game can be trained for one hour or several weeks.

This serious business game shoots us to Mars in 2030, when the first humans reach the red planet. Participants thus become colonists who are to build a new civilization in which information and knowledge are the keys to their survival.

Mars combines a strategy game with a system of questions and answers created by the players themselves. Participants can answer or reject questions and ask new ones as they try to earn points and build their Mars colony. Thanks to its flexibility and adaptability, this game can be used by any corporate department as a training, communication or awareness tool.


  • Fully customizable content to achieve any business goal with a constructive and social learning focus based on participant interaction.
  • Gamification techniques such as storytelling, rankings, levels or badges that make the learning process a novel and entertaining experience for the participant, increasing their engagement.
  • The new social community feature enables debates and direct voting on training content or its further development. This is an interactive learning process with extended didactics and a sustainable learning curve.


  • Fully customizable
  • User-friendly and clearly arranged
  • Encourage interaction with other players
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Based on the concept of collective knowledge building

Mars lets you choose the contents to customize your own Serious Business Game.

It can be tailored to the training and communication needs of any department within the company, whether you want to increase or broaden your knowledge of a topic. Through debate and competition, participants are challenged and enjoy seeing that everyone has a stake in success.

The game mechanics can be dynamically adapted to the target group and the knowledge level of different teams. The ARC Team programs and configures the optimal training solution for you and your team.

  • Successful personnel development & onboarding:
    It promotes interaction and collaboration during each audit training as well as employee onboarding.
  • Create a fascinating employee event at a live game convention.
  • Improve communication within the team:
    Communication concepts in projects as well as goal- and result-oriented leadership and coordination of the team.
  • Dry content was yesterday! Governance, risk, compliance, new laws and more:
    MARS makes every mandatory and obligatory training more attractive.
  • Output Increase:
    Participants have a common communication basis and can understand each other’s basic audit procedures and documentation.
  • How do you successfully transform a department?
    It offers innovative concepts for trainings in connection with new processes or the introduction of new technological tools.