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Successful goal achievement

Team Motivation

Diversity Audit

Ethical and responsible perspectives

Acting integrative and value-oriented

Effective team collaboration

Clear goal setting and action plans

Better and effective meetings

Interpersonal Communication

Effective Change Management


Agile Methodologies

Remote Team Management

Creative Thinking

Effective Delegation

Art of Persuasion


Effective Feedback

Goal Orianted Coaching

Managing emotions successfully

Conflict Resolution Strategies

Show assertiveness

Customer Centric Thinking


Create your Own

Leadership Skills

Enhancing Productivity

Create your Own

Anti-Money Laudering

The Audit Research Center | ARC-Institute

The ARC Institute supports its customers across industries with training and consulting services along a knowledge value chain. The ARC Institute is the innovation and premium umbrella brand.

The ARC Institute focuses on networking between science and practice.

The focus is on further and new development in cooperation with experts, companies and associations in order to maintain practical relevance and to develop methods, tools and concepts that can be implemented. The results, developed in dialogue with industry experts, serve as guidelines and adaptation possibilities for practice today, in order to be able to increase the overall benefit of the company on a long-term and sustainable basis.

The ARC Institute currently supports not only leading supranational institutions, but also numerous listed companies and savings banks in research, consulting and personnel development projects.

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