Next Level Auditing

Gamelearn the most awarded and successful Serious Business Games production company and ARC Institute | Audit Research Center working together as an exclusive partnership for Internal Audit Training producing gamebased Internal Audit Education.

The Audit Research Center | ARC-Institute

is one of the leading strategic think tanks in the internal audit industry.
We focus on the issues that have a significant impact on the performance of internal audit departments. Our goal is to improve the capability of the supported internal audit departments in a sustainable way.

We have high expectations of ourselves and our work, and therefore we address critical issues and create customized, individual solutions. Together with our clients, we shape the future by developing new opportunities to face the critical challenges that address differing stakeholder expectations.

Forethought for You | Our Mission

With the Audit Research Center, the ARC Institute provides important impetus to the development of the internal audit industry. The target focus is aimed at the interface between methodological and practical transformation of strategic concepts. Therefore GameLearn and ARC have signed the strategic and exclusive partnership for internal audit training developing Serious Business Games for Next Level Auditing.

In cooperation with auditors, companies and associations, and professional audit experts, development focuses on practical and implementation-ready methods, tools and concepts. The results serve as a guidance to increase the overall benefit of the company´s long-term sustainability and growth in conjunction with innovative audit work.The ARC Institute shapes internal audit thinking in strategy, process architecture, change and performance. Currently the ARC Institute supports institutions across Europe and globally in the context of consulting and human resource development projects. Clients are not only leading supranational institutions, but also numerous listed companies in different industry lines.