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MARS is composed of two games at a time: creating questions and building your colony. You can answer the questions that have been created by other players and at the same time create your own. By performing these actions you will earn GCoins which will allow you to build and upgrade your own Martian colony. To be the one with the largest colony it is pretty simple, you just have to correctly answer the questions and create quality and useful content!

Out of all the colonies that are competing in the same game, the one who overcomes the last turn of the last season and is in first position is declared winner.

MARS is subdived into seasons, the seasons are the period that is established to play the corresponding turns. For example, if a season has two turns you can play them in the time frame established for the season to last.

A turn is considered a complete game cycle in which you create and answer questions, earn GCoins, construct and evolve buildings. Once you perform all these actions you go to the next turn and perform these actions again.

When you enter in the map of the game after viewing the results of your previous turn, you have to enter in the R+D center to create and answer questions. Past this action, you can use the GCoins that you earned to construct and evolve buildings. Once you are satisfied, you can go to the following turn by click on the “Next Turn” button located at the bottom of your screen.

The game clearly indicates what you should do next. If you are on the map but can not construct it means that you have to enter in the R+D Center to create and answer questions. The game will tell you when you are out of options and you will begin investing your GCoins in constructing and evolving your buildings. If the “Next Turn” button does not work it means that the season has finished and you will have to wait for the next one to begin.

In MARS you can carry out several actions to get more GCoins or achieve the top ranking amongst other colonies.


  • Do not forget to construct buildings of happiness as it determines the number of colonists that can arrive in your colony. Make sure to balance out the rest of the resources.



  • Apart from creating and answering questions, dispute those questions that are inappropriate or unrelated to the topic and participate in the debates.
  • Remember to create proper questions because if one of your questions is disputed because it does not correspond to the topic or because it is inappropriate or unrelated, you will lose a good sum of GCoins.



  • Evolve your buildings to increase their production rate (instead of building more level 1 buildings).
  • Construct buildings of the same type nearby as they will produce twice as much.



  • Use the challenges to slow down the growth of other colonies. You can challenge and be challenged a maximum of 2 times per season.
  • Challenge chained buildings to achieve greater impact.



Use Antimatter to evolve buildings to its maximum level.


To obtain Antimatter:

  • Vote “Like” on the questions.
  • Create proper questions to get more “Likes”.
  • Dispute incorrect questions. Be careful! If you dispute questions that are correct you will be penalized.
  • Position yourself in the debates with the correct option.

Every single game of Mars has a particular topic in which you will create, answer and debate questions related to it, eventually this is defined before starting the game. When you start playing, the topic of the game will appear but you can also revise this by clicking on your avatar that is on the top left corner of your colony. In case there are any documents uploaded to the game you can view them by clicking on the ‘Documentation’ icon on the bottom right corner.

MARS identifies which questions created by the players are the best thanks to the debates and the ‘Likes’. These questions are denominated as “Certified Questions” and are distinguished by the rest of the questions with a medal symbol on the top right. These “Certified Questions” may appear in special moments like in a challenge. Remember that you will be rewarded if any of your questions are certified!

The level of happiness in MARS determines how many colonists can potentially live in your colony. However, it will be the resources that define how many colonists can actually remain. You can have a lot of happiness but at the end of a turn, if you lack a particular resource, it could affect whether the colonists stay or not in your colony.

Once you have finished all of the actions in the R+D center you will then be able to manage the buildings in your colony. Click on an empty box within the map to construct a new building. To evolve or demolish a particular building, simply click on it.

The time it takes for the buildings to construct may vary. Keep in mind, the higher you evolve a building, more turns it will take to construct them.

The buildings in your colony are vital to generate the resources needed for the colonists to remain. To increase the population, make sure you start increasing each one of the resources by constructing and evolving buildings in each turn until you run out of GCoins. The more buildings you construct of each type of resource, you will obtain more resources.

You can demolish mountains, continuing to construct if you still have GCoins, debate new questions that show up in the R+D center, visit and challenge other colonies.

In case you have constructed in each one of the boxes of the map in MARS, make sure to check whether you have any actions left out with any one of the buildings such as evolving them. If you evolve your buildings it will benefit you in the long term and also increase your production rate. You can also demolish mountains or existing buildings to construct a more effective colony.

Each building can evolve three times and an additional one with a unique advantage. Invest GCoins in evolving buildings up to level 2 and level 3. To obtain them to reach level 4 you must pay with Antimatter, but in exchange the building will have a very unique improvement.

You are obliged to perform these two actions while playing MARS. In case you have missed out these actions, the game itself will compel you to create and answer questions. Creating and answering questions is an essential part of the game which cannot be skipped and also the possibility for your to earn GCoins!

The wild cards resolve the questions if you are unable to answer them but in order for you to use them you need to have antimatter.

It is a mechanism to validate the quality of the questions and be rewarded with Antimatter. Through the likes, the players themselves are optimizing the content quality within the game itself.

A question that receives many likes is automatically denominated as a “Certified Question” without having to debate it. If one of your questions is certified, you will be rewarded with Antimatter.

On the contrary, if a question receives many ‘dislikes’ it is automatically debated with the rest of the players.

Remember to create proper questions to get more likes and be rewarded with Antimatter. Good Luck!”

When you click on the map to construct a new building, a menu with two tabs will appear. If you switch to the “Rewards” tab, it will show you all of the buildings you have won in the challenges or positive events.

It depends, if you started the challenge you must have lost GCoins but if you were the person being challenged you must have lost the building your opponent selected.

It depends, if you challenged the player you won the building you had selected. In case you were the person being confronted by someone, you will win GCoins.

Of course! Spy on them and observe how they have built their colonies.

Yes, in each season you can challenge two players and be challenged by two others. However, you cannot confront the same player twice but, you can confront that player if they have challenged you before and vice versa.

If you see a facility on your colony highlighted in red that means that you have been challenged by another player and they can claim that facility. You continue the challenge by clicking on the facility, if not, once you finish a turn you will be obliged to answer the questions of the challenge.

Visit their colony through the ranking panel, a satellite button on the bottom right part of your screen. In the ranking panel you will see which colonies you can challenge. Once you are in their colony, select a facility that you want to claim and begin the challenge!

The way to evolve buildings to the highest level is through antimatter, and the process can be accelerated as follows:

  • voting “likes” in the questions that are answered
  • creating quality questions that get likes
  • disputing incorrect or inappropriate questions but beware, if you dispute good questions, players will be penalized.
  • defending the correct position in debates

The growth rate of buildings is faster in the first levels of evolution. For buildings evolved at higher levels, more turns and even entire seasons are needed to evolve. The maximum growth is also depended on how you are involved in antimatter actions as described before. In general it is quite difficult to see infrastructure buildings evolving to maximum level.

In MARS you can challenge other players in exchange for their buildings. Both players will perform the same test of five questions, the one who answers the most correctly in the shortest time possible wins.

In MARS you can challenge other players in exchange for their buildings. Both players will perform the same test of five questions, the one who answers the most correctly in the shortest time possible wins.

In case there is a draw the player who has answered the quickest wins. In an unlikely event that both players answer the same number of questions at the same time, the winner will be the player defending their building, the one being challenged.

Keep in mind that all of the questions that appear in a challenge are “Certified Questions” so they will never be incorrectly formulated.

The resource production rate for each building depends on the level it is on. By constructing buildings of a single type next to each other will increase their production rate. If you click on each building you can see all of the information about it and make sure to evolve your buildings.

Antimatter (H-) is the secondary currency in MARS. It’s obtained by creating quality content and helping make sure the game is played correctly. If you create appropriate questions and dispute inappropriate ones, you will receive Antimatter.

With the help of Antimatter, you can make your buildings more beautiful. This can be done after your buildings have reached their final level of evolution using GCoins. There are unique advantages in the game associated with improving your buildings in this special way.

The primary currency in MARS is the GCoin, and you can earn them by creating and answering questions. You will be rewarded GCoins if you create proper questions and answer the questions correctly. At the same time, Antimatter is the game’s secondary currency and you can earn it by performing well in debates, creating appropriate questions, and helping keep the game clean.

The debates are open for a whole season meaning once it is completed, the debates are resolved. If more than 80% of the player have voted the same option the debate is resolved and if they have voted the question being correct it will be denominated as a “Certified Question”, on the contrary, the question will be eliminated.
In case there isn’t a big difference between the votes the judge will intervene to resolve it.

Until the debate has not been resolved you will not earn the money for it. Remember that there are certain questions that give you few GCoins, that occurs if you skipped a particular turn of the season.

In case you are unable to complete a particular turn of a season, all the questions that you did not answer will appear in the upcoming turns but you will not receive the complete reward for answering them.

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