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If you open the map, you’ll see a white circle located directly over the place on the map where you need to go to complete the task.



Two objects can be transformed into one object by dragging one over another. By doing so, you can then complete a task requiring the new object.

If you have reached this point, you should have already accessed the supermarket by joining the handle and the saw so as to do so. Unfortunately, there are no drinks at the supermarket, so you have to keep searching. Open the map and head towards the “Hofbräuhaus” brewery. Once there, on the counter, you will be able to get some drinks.


In this case, drinks will NOT become part of your inventory, but you will get notified of your next mission on top of your screen: recharging the radio. Good luck!

You will be able to find objects such as a torch key, a wrench or an allen wrench from turn 1 onwards at the DIY store at the shopping mall.
From day 5 on, you will be able to go to Oktoberfest and find a crank.

You need to get the key, which is found under the grate. To get the key out from under the grill, you need to use the rope from the CEO’s office and the magnet that is in the second room in the Hofbräuhaus. By dragging one object over ther other, you can can combine the two objects to make one that will allow you to reach the key.

So as to access the ferris wheel, you have to open the map and head towards Oktoberfest.


Once there, the ferris wheel is in the back top corner so click on it to access!


The connection point is located in the shed near the ferris wheel. To enter the shed, you will need to use the gasoline that was found in the trunk of the abandoned car in Plaza Feldherrnhalle.

You can connect through the street light. You should protect yourself from the broken wires. You’ll find some gloves in the toolbox, in the warehouse in the mall. Once the gloves are used, you will need to splice the cables with a tape.

The music saloon door (the second saloon of Hofbräuhaus) can be opened with the lock pick located in the security room in Plaza Feldherrnhalle.

You can connect through the ATM. For that you will need a chisel that you will find in the maintenance room of the museum and a hydraulic hammer that is located outside the stadium. Combine the two elements to form a single object.

To access “Metzgerstubn” you will need to combine the rope that is in the museum hall with the hook that you will find in the factory warehouse.

You can find the Wifi code clicking on the cash register to print a new ticket.

To open the door, you need to use a chain found in your inventory.

To connect with the Wifi in the locker room, you need to open the locker first.

For that you need to pick up the stethoscope that is inside the ambulance in Oktoberfest. Drag it over the combination padlock to open the locker and you will find a post-it with the Wifi code.

You will find the “maintenance room” in the “museum”. Once inside the museum, click on the door in front of you. That is the “maintenance room”.

To find the access code to the CEO’s office you must first know what the name of the CEO is, so follow these steps:

– Enter the bee factory

– Click on the elevator

– On the wall you will find a poster, click on it to read the name of the CEO

With this information click on ” Feldherrnhalle square ”

– Enter the office reception

– click on ” security room ”

– click on the computer

– look for the name of the CEO and the corresponding code to access his office

If you are seeing a pitch black screen, don’t worry about it, it is part of the game.

Simply follow these steps:

Do you have the flashlight in your bag?

In case you don’t have it, you need to head to the shopping center and enter the computer store (the flashlight is at the bottom).


If you already have the flashlight:

– Move the cursor on the top right part of the pitch black screen and you will see a box with three question marks.


– Click on the box

– Grab the flashlight from your bag and drag it to the center of the screen

–> The room will light up and you will be able to see the WiFi code on the wall

They can be found in the CEO’s office. You must click on a package found on the desk in order to store it.

It is found in the second room in the Hofbräuhaus.

So as to get to the laboratoy, you should open the map and go to the Bee Factory. Click on the front door to enter the factory and you will find yourself in the warehouse. Take the elevator and once you are in the assembly room, you will have to find a door that’s located next to a poster of the CEO of BeetBots. That’s the entrace to the laboratory! Good luck!

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