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Triskelion ist das Serious Business Game für Zeitmanagement und persönliche Produktivität. Seit seiner Markteinführung 2011 haben dank Triskelion über 1.000 Unternehmen und Ihre Mitarbeiter Ihr Zeitmanagement verbessern können. Aufgrund der hohen Nachfrage, hat in 2018 das Business Game einen vollständigen Relaunch in vereinfachter Zugangstechnik und weiterer verbesserter Simulation erhalten. Somit steht Triskelion Ihnen heute mit der neuesten multidimensionalen Simulationstechnik zur Verfügung.

Triskelion steht Ihnen und Ihrem Revisions-Team in mehreren Sprachen zur Verfügung: u.a. Spanisch, Englisch, Französisch, Deutsch

CRYPTO | Unser neues Training zur IT-Security

Unser neues Training zur IT-Security, ein IT-Hacker wird engagiert ein Unternehmen zu beschützen, ein Hacking Unternehmen wird engagiert um ein Unternehmen zu infiltrieren, IT-Security und Social Engineering, Spannung pur, wie können wir die Angriffe optimal abwenden?

Five mistakes that you should avoid in your personnel training programs

Often, however, due to lack of time, lack of resources or poor execution, personnel training programs fail. On this post we tell you the 5 most frequent mistakes observed, so you can identify and especially avoid them:

Case Study | BCD Travel

BCD Travel uses the serious game Pacific to provide its employees across the globe with leadership training
The company saved up to 60% thanks to this training program –

BCD Travel is a company specialized in corporate travel management. It was created to provide companies with a quality service to keep their employees safe and productive during business trips. With 13,500 employees in 109 countries, the company’s 2017 turnover topped $25,000 million.

Case Study | Packt Publishing

Packt Publishing: maintaining technological leadership
Packt Publishing is a global on-demand technology book publishing company based in Birmingham (United Kingdom). Founded in 2004, the company is a sector bellwether, providing IT professionals worldwide with tutorials, guides, specialized books, e-books, videos and courses.

Everything you need to know about Serious Business Games

The so-called Serious Business Games have become very popular. Whether at renowned universities or major multinationals, Serious Business Games have become the perfect tool for teaching how to start up a business or manage product supply chains. While that’s all well and good, what are business games exactly? What are their benefits and most prominent examples?

How to prepare the perfect launch for a Serious Business Game training in your company

The way you present and launch a game-based learning program to your staff will be vital for its success, especially if it is in a format that is new to the company. A good launch event (that explains why it is important to take the course and aligning it with the interests of your organization) will help you achieve the best possible results.