What is it all about?

You have a voice in how our children develop and how your money is invested. We want to integrate you all into the crowd intelligence optimisation process. The result will be an improvement programme project plan.

Overview of the roadmap, goals and remarks

Key Goal

Optimising school performance so that our children have the opportunity for a successful future!

Agenda for parents’ meeting

Saturday 27th January, 10:00 – 13:00 CET,
Location: La Massana will be announced 1 week in advance

  • Kick-off: Why is the meeting today important for the future of our children?
  • Roadmap and milestones
  • Working groups and topics
    ++ Active workshop of parents with optimisation proposals, solutions and implementation concepts ++
  • Presentation of the results
  • Summary and outlook next steps

Get some impressions of what is possible.

What development potential is there? What are the goals of the parent company Globeducate?

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Roadmap and planned procedure:

  • After the workshop results have been worked out together. We as clients, parents will discuss our results in a structured way with the school management and all teachers.
  • Based on this, the school management has the opportunity to present an improvement plan.
  • This improvement plan will be monitored transparently on a monthly basis by the parent representatives.
  • At the same time, we will inform the management in Spain and at Globeducate headquarters. This creates a high degree of transparency so that it is clear to all stakeholders where potential for optimisation is and what improvement actions are necessary to achieve the goals of the Globeducate Group and significantly improve the performance of Agora International School in Andorra.

Milestones: Focus Transparency in Communication | 7 steps Future Ready

  1. Information to teachers and school management team Agora Andorra International School among others Clara Pintat and Nuri Samper del Peso, that parents will be meeting in January, “without” teachers
  2. Setting up a dialogue appointment as town hall meeting, together with the teachers and the school management of Agora Andorra International School, where parents representatives will present the results of us the parents‘ meeting, us as clients
  3. Meeting and active improvement dialogue with the management team of Agora Andorra and Spain
  4. Active improvement dialogue with Globeducate headquarters
  5. Improvement program project plan and responsibilities
  6. Monthly milestones monitoring by clients, parents of improvement project
  7. Semi-annual project report as a town hall meeting in front of all parents, customers

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